Monday, June 18, 2007


I sat by my waterfall…waiting for you.
I saw your shadow playing with the butterflies
I heard your footsteps in the sound of the whispering trees
And each time I turned to find you
You were not there.

I wove my dreams in silver thread
And waited for you
So I could breathe life into them
But each time I turned to look for you
You were not there.

I sighed, as I waited
Afraid that you had walked away

I laughed, as I remembered
The sound of your voice
calling my name.

I cried, as I realized
that the hand that held mine
would always slip away…
That moments of togetherness
Were but a fleeting pleasure
on my journey.

I sat by my waterfall…
And wove my dreams
And I will give life to them now,


Rahil Arora said...

let me congratulate my self first for my accurate observation :)
Your verse is so simple and beautiful that one just sails through while reading it...
it's sans wrinkles....
beautiful stuff...
Keep walking!!

aklanta said...

realisation and acceptance are the first two steps...

Anonymous said...

Hi Saraswati,

In the process of trying to write to you there's this constant effort of trying to sound as astray from most of the messages you'd generally receive from people connecting to your profile.
I've found great joy in reading your thoughts especially about your description regarding the work that you do & find happiness in.
Your views on life in general seem well thought off perhaps due to past experiences you've had or had to face. Or perhaps I'm wrong & it has nothing to do with that & that you've worked really well on yourself to be the person that you are today.

There is no way that I can prove to you that I'm not the kind who would 'ideally' choose to get intouch with people in this way & its taken a lot for me to have convinced myself to be typing within this space. Though I believe that the occasion is special enough for me to be doing something that I ordinarily would not do.

It’s funny that when I silently observe myself, I find that I try & take great care with every line that I type just to be sure that my thoughts don’t come across incorrectly.
Despite the fact that lately I've been involved in so much documentation; Tender Specifications, Site User manuals, International Product Sales Drafts & large Pre-Sales correspondance this still seems like the hardest bit of communication I’ve had to make in a while.

Over the last week, I've been wanting to share my thoughts with you & I think its only fair that after having read so much about you on your profile & your blog, that I atleast try to make an attempt to write to you.
I'd hope to learn more about you & have someone to share my thoughts with in general.
Please feel free to leave me a message at if you feel like it.

Kind regards,

Eye of the Needle said...

The piece aptly justifies why you name your blog what you do