Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Phone cards.
From the US to India.
Excruciatingly irritating.
Mostly, you just hear a garble…which you try to make intelligent sense of.
The only clear words happen to manifest when each person is yelling:

“Can you hear me?..”
“Yes I can hear you…can you hear me?”
Back to garble.

Amazing – its like the connection has an intelligence of its own…it only transmits the “can you hear me?” lines with clarity.

On a particularly bad phone card day, when bro called from the West:

Bro: Heyyy…how you doin?
Me: I’m good. How about you?
Bro: I’m fine
Me: So whassup?
Bro: I need help with my resume
Me: I miss you too, bud
Bro: I said, I need help with my resume
Me: Valentine’s day? Was good. Had lunch with PD.
Bro: I SAID, I need help with my re-suuu-meee.
Me: WHO passed away?
Bro: Damn this card! I’ll call you later.


Eye of the Needle said...

Try out VSNL lines, they are even better.
At least here some thing transpires.There you conduct a series of monologues and then out of frustration disconnect the fone

Karthik said...

Very beautifully written.

rads said...

haha.. gud one!!