Wednesday, June 13, 2007


If I could see the silver string of Light
That connects me to you
And you to everyone else
And all of us together;
Then perhaps I would think much deeper
Before I harmed you.
For in harming you I would be hurting myself.

If I could ask for one gift
It would be to see these cords of Life
That unite us.

Let me see them every moment,
So that every thought of mine
Becomes a song of compassion.


Eye of the Needle said...

The last para is icing and the essence.

Brightens up the entire composition beautifully

Rahil Arora said...

beautiful thought, 'For in harming you I would be hurting myself.' from whatever I've read, you seem to have a great capability of expressing stuff that remains at an inchoate level for most of us...

Keep Walking!