Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The light in your eyes...

I wrote this many years ago...it still makes my spine tingle. It carries with it the warmth, the passion and the magical connection between souls...a connection that must end...and with a heavy heart I bid it farewell. There is, however, this poem to remind me for years to come...what magic feels like...

The light in your eyes

The light in your eyes has won me over, beloved.
I am alive again.
A part of me, long forgotten, I had hidden away,
Kept in a secret corner of my heart.
But in your presence now, I feel safe
Safe to rediscover those long forgotten parts of myself
Somehow, with you, I know
That my beauty cannot be hurt.
And I am happy
In the joy
Of finding an old friend.
The light in your eyes has won me over, beloved.
I am alive again.

Saturday, November 10, 2007


Where time flies, I do not know.

I'm lost in the world of magic woven in words by Trudi Canavan. Now I am Priestess Auraya; now Auraya, the Wild. I draw magic to myself, as she does. I can sense it vibrating around me - pulsating - not different to the spark of cosmos in each atom.

Or can I?

Between "fictional" trilogies of magic where faeries and sorcerors, gifted men and women live in, with, and by magic - I'm suspended - not totally a part of their reality, and not totally a part of my 21st century existence. What a fascinating time it must have been when the Celts worshipped at Stonehenge; when the Egyptians adored Isis, Osiris and Seth; the Vedic rites were performed on the Sindhu-Saraswati and the Aborigines and Native Americans wove dream and waking togther in their Shamanic rituals.

Damn! I miss those times. Life must've been way more exciting when you could manifest butterflies blowing on your open palm. That would have been a better pick-me-up than a beer at the neighbourhood pub. Or awesome summer solstice gatherings where everyone pools in their magic under the moon - I'd choose it over a Diwali card party any day!

As far as reincarnation goes, I'm pretty sure I missed the 1200s to the 1970s. Medieval nonsense and the razzle dazzle of the nineteen hundreds just don't appeal no more! Give me a cloak and butterfly manifesting abilities - I'm in my element.

Ah well... we all have our fun places to go when we need to escape the world closing in on us. Mine has sunrises by the waterfall with jewelled dragons soaring across the sky and faeries whispering secrets till its time to get back to 2007...


To live...

Diwali brought with it the exuberance of celebration and a reminder that we can be civil to each other in the name of festivity. Is it just me? Am I the only one holding my head in my hands wishing I could vanish off the planet?

I love life. I love living. But every day that I live, a part of me painfully reminds me that my life is getting more and more disconnected from Nature. I pass the malls being constructed close to home and I dread the day they will be open to the public. I dread having to choose to enter those malls for the sheer convenience they offer me. I dread that I, who adore Nature, will be shopping in hundreds of square kilometers of concrete luxury that now stands where a forest once thrived.

Can I really be a part of this city and not its systems?

Sigh. This is why the act of living has become painful. One makes so many conscious choices knowing full well the damage one is causing or supporting.

I don’t want to squash the part in me that feels the pain. I don’t want to cover it in a blanket and throw it into the deepest recesses of my unconscious, where I will never access it this life time. I want to keep it alive because only when it is alive do I feel I am in tune with life. Only when it is alive do I feel connected to every living being and the Universe. Only when it is alive do I feel the wonder of being part of such spectacular creation.

I admire the architectural wonders we have created in this age – the glass covered buildings, luxurious palaces of shops – they are beautiful too. But there is a haunting sound that grows louder each decade…it feels like the planet is close to explosion point… we are taking too much for granted. Way too much …