Monday, June 14, 2010


How did I come to believe in that story?

The one written in the dark ink of bitterness

Upon pages of mistrust.

How did I come to believe in that tale?

Where vulnerability is condemned as a villain

And chased away into darkness by puritanical, cold winds of judgement.

How did I come to believe in that story?

The one where no one is happy,

And never can be happy.


I am re-writing the stories I once believed

For I have had enough of stories of lack

stories of separation

stories of betrayal and failure.

I am re-writing the old tales

I am creating new stories

with less drama

and more laughter.

New stories...

in which bright hues of harmony

Splash across the soft parchment of trust

New stories...

that are read to me

in voices of unconditional love.

New stories..

where happiness is not relegated to just the beginning or the end

but where happiness is the story.

It is time for new stories

for me to believe in.


Swapna Maini said...

Beautiful!! Love it! :)

Eye of the Needle said...

Intense and heart tugging!!!

Superb :-)

Radha said...

I just came here and I love your blog!
What a spirit u have!
Radha :))