Thursday, August 12, 2010

Some more poetry by the kids...

My last post had the first poems in free verse written by this same group of wise and witty kids. Their next try was to pick a feeling (from a box) and this is what they come up with in class:

By Anya Ghosh, age 10

Like hot steam that burns
the soul more painfully than a wound
It burns those souls
that have been hurt
More pain, hatred, fear
infests your mind
with thoughts you want to push away
Makes you feel
that revenge tastes sweet
And your head feels

By Rhea Prasad, age 9

Leaves become dry
Flowers wither
Trees sway very slowly
they don't die.

It's sadness
plain sadness.

Birds don't sing
Mountains erupt
Puppies howl and yelp
they are not angry.

It's sadness
plain sadness.

By Vikram Chowdhary, age 10

Monsters arise from the shadows
And feed on it.


They seek out and find the people who have it,
And train them as Dark Acolytes to use it
As a tool, a weapon.
To use it to harm the ones whom they hate.


The only way to kill the monsters
Is for their Dark Acolytes
To turn against them
And use the power of happiness
To destroy themselves and their masters.


But the monsters' dying screams
Summon their master,
The Shadow Lord.


The Shadow Lord then wipes
Out the Dark Acolytes,
Their families,
Destroys their home, their city or town or village, their country, their continent, their planet, their solar system, their galaxy and their universe.

Such is the power of hatred.

By Sana M. Beotra, age 10

It is what everyone feels,
at any point of their lives.
It bundles up inside you,
until there's so much,
that it burns like a fire.

It may be warm at first,
just a tingle
but it grows bigger and hotter,
and then,
when there's too much to control,
you let it out.

And when you do,
you feel small,
and terrified.
Dependent too.
Dependent on others -
those stronger than you.

You feel lost.
All you want,
is to snuggle under the covers of your bed.
This feeling
is dark,
lonely too.

After a while, though,
you overcome it,
you learn to push it down.
deep down,
from where it cannot control you.

This feeling
is fear.

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