Monday, December 13, 2010

Maa Africa

Down the south coast from Durban, the winds whistle in the long leaves of grass and wail through the undulating curves of the land, carrying with them the salt of the sea, the scent of earth. To my right is the Indian ocean, a silvery blue. To my left is that gorgeous land called Africa.

For an Indian from a bustling Indian metro, this sudden space is overwhelming. Miles and miles of gently rolling green hills and not a human in sight.  I sit alone on my porch, legs dangling off the edge, a foot above the fresh grass, I strain to hear traffic in the far distance, but give up. I listen, instead, to the wind, to the birds, to the insects.

I grow quiet.

Until I realise that I’m not alone in Africa, ever. Because She is here.
If Great Mother Gaia, BhuDevi, Grandmother Earth, has a heart, then surely it beats beneath the fertile surface of this land. For I can feel Her – the Primeval Goddess – a Presence so large, so pervading, so powerful that I am awed by my complete insignificance and speck like existence.

Every time I think I am alone, I bump against Her. And I hear Her chuckle and whisper in my ear, ‘Where do you think you’re going, kid?’

She is Power here. Pure, untainted, straight from the core of the Earth. She is what the Africans sing to when they work. It is to Her rhythm that their hips sway as they walk through the fields and wave at you.

I feel Her warm embrace in the golden sunlight that blesses this land. I hear Her heart pulsing beneath my feet. I breathe in the rich scent of Her wild frangipani perfume. I see Her deep love for humankind in the bananas and papapayas and other wild fruit sprouting out of the ground everywhere, anywhere.

I sense Her raw, ancient nature – Maa Africa - so different to my first Mother... India.

She is wild, where India has been tamed. She is powerful where India is wise. She is fertile where India is nourishing. She is all about the Solar Plexus and Heart chakras, where India is Third Eye and Enlightenment.
India is a portal to higher realms.
Africa is a portal to our inner core.

I am blessed to be a daughter of India, but so grateful to now play in the lap of Maa Africa.


Swapna Maini said...

Love your description of Africa! My first impression of her was a wild, passionate, fertile beauty! Can't wait to meet her again!! :)

mama said...

Having lived in West Africa, your description took me right back....beautiful!

Saraswati said...

Thank you for your comments! Very glad you stopped by to read. Africa truly is amazing.

Eye of the Needle said...

Your description of the deseert inscribed within, the aridity and emptiness, all reminded me of Arab-American poet Naomi Shihab Nye: BLOOD

Years before, a girl knocked,
wanted to see the Arab.
I said we didn't have one.
After that, my father told me who he was,
"Shihab"—"shooting star"—
a good name, borrowed from the sky.
Once I said, "When we die, we give it back?"
He said that's what a true Arab would say.....