Sunday, April 17, 2011

Adventure - Random (and slightly disconnected) musings of a 19 year old

(I wrote this in February 1999, in Fairfield, Iowa.)

It is true that adventure calls. It is as though one can swim through life relatively easily with no extraordinary occurrences – indeed there are people who do. But adventure calls – sometimes softly and sometimes so loud that it seems as though the very insides of the earth can hear here terrifying roar.

Has adventure ever called me? Indeed it has – it has always seemed that the adventurous path is the one made for me. It seems not a new adventure but an exciting story being lived again – all the signposts, the guides are familiar characters, but each one is now played by a different soul. The setting, the story, the unfolding is the same. I am the same, though physically different – and the cast is new.

What is adventure but the constant search for balance? In Kali Yuga, balance has to be maintained so carefully at each point – for imbalance is so easily achieved. In ages past, the restoration of balance was the great adventure – a call to rebirth. Today, each moment is an adventure, each moment a crossroad – will I , the hero, take the path to greater balance for myself and the world? Or the path to imbalance? That is my test.

No longer the glory of the world-conquering, earth-saving hero – each of us is a hero today. Each life path an adventure. When we begin to feel and see life as an adventure, it comes alive and breathes breath into us and opens up its treasures of guides and angels and tests and tribulations from other worlds. It is this call of adventure that we must yield to. Yes – adventure calls – she speaks all the time – for she and life are one. And yet we are deaf to her speech, blind to her beauty and insensitive to her touch.

When she comes alive and we follow her light, we truly fulfil our individual mission on earth.

That is when we truly start living life.

(12 years of tests, tribulation, treasures and angels, and the adventure continues...)

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