Monday, April 25, 2011

And so it begins...

Reflections on what I see around me and inside me after Sai Baba shed his earthly form.
The Great Teacher

And so it begins...
The melee, the madness, the mortal mud-slinging.
Like hyenas, ripping the remains of a carcass, they descend.
Their wild calls echoing, their saliva dripping at the sight of scandal.
Anything, to abuse. Anything, to tear down.
Driven by the cold iciness of emptiness within, they howl.

And so it begins...
The mantle has been passed.
What was once contained, has now escaped Its shackles
And we are all bathed in droplets of Love.

And so it begins...
The hyenas snap and lunge, their tongues eager for the taste of victory.
I must stand calm, washed in the light of Love.
Knowing that it is my judgement alone that marks them as hyenas and I as something ‘greater.’
In truth, we are one, and have always been one.

And so it begins...
A wordless prayer ... Goddess, love through me.
Let me look upon those open jaws with the gaze of Love
Let me listen to those howls and hear them with Love
Let me remember that all is a manifestation of Love
Let me not try to change what is into what ‘I’ want it to be...
Let me only Love, Goddess, with your Unconditional Love.

And so it begins...
The transformation the Great Teacher wrought..
From emptiness to pure love.

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Bikram said...

I am see the all pictures of waterfall and i hope that is the great pictures.